"The first thing you’ll notice about this terrific debut is the arresting, passionate vocal work of Arrica Rose, but lead guitarist/vocalist Mark Lynn and the other members of the Oakland, California-based Dear County will impress you as well. If they can keep making records as strong as the anthemic “Oh My Darlin’” and the sweet “Losing Leaves,” these folks will be a force to reckon with." -  Jeff Burger, No Depression

"It’s a summit of inspiration, merging talents for a soulful country-folk sound encompassing touches of myriad other stylings." - Blurt Magazine

"...sad, wistful, but simply lovely and moving. What this album does in total - it moves you. If it doesn't you don't have a heart." - Robb Rose,  Popdose

"a truly one of a kind California-country and soul album…Low Country is unlike any country album that has ever been released, and it is definitely worth a listen or twenty." - Julia Cirignano, That Mag

"For us it was love at first sight. Kinda retro, kinda dreamy. They've got a sweet sound that's just right." - Indie Folk Americana

"Urban Alt Country that straddles the (county?) line between a harrowing poignance and the simple dizzying ebullience of being young and in love"  - Dave Cantrell, StereoEmbers